Tech Check

Are you having problems with your IT systems but don’t know where to start?

Are you frustrated with your current IT provider?

When it comes to your computer technology, a recurring glitch, slow performance or other strange behaviour can signal a deeper, more widespread problem. This, in turn, can affect your staff’s productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. Take advantage of AIS Tech’s expert, thorough assessment to provide you with recommendations that can set your business up for success.

Our  Tech Check includes the following inspection points:

  1. Network configuration: We look for incorrect network configurations that can lead to unexpected down time, application errors and email problems.
  2. Network security: We assess your current security against data corruption, theft, hardware failures, power outages, computer viruses, worms, spam and even internal sabotage.
  3. Backup system: We check your data backup system to ensure that it’s working properly and maintaining files accurately.

As a final step, we summarize our findings and provide you a detailed report with our recommendations.

AIS Tech will visit your site with a Senior Account Manager and Senior Consultant to assess your current technology, and as well ask questions to see if your systems in place are aligned with your business goals.

It’s a no obligation way for you to learn how your IT systems measure up to industry standards. Our onsite analysis and comprehensive report details how your business can reduce costs and become more efficient.